Be cautious when using any WiFi network!

Any device that uses Wi-Fi may be vulnerable to KRACK, short for Key Reinstallation Attack, which bypasses the WPA2 network security protocol used by most routers and devices  to encrypt information sent online. However, for the attack to work, an attacker needs to be in Wi-Fi range of the victim which significantly reduces the attack surface.

KRACK compromises the authentication handshake, which is like a secret greeting, between your device and the modem or router, and once the Wi-Fi security encryption is broken, attackers can get access to personal and confidential information should you be sending or using it online.


Protect your device by following these tips:


  • Always assume that any Wi-Fi network you are using, especially those in public areas, may be compromised.
  • Always update your phone, computer, or other devices with the latest security updates that are received by them.
  • Check to see if your router has any pending firmware updates by logging into the admin page and install any waiting updates 
  • Never transmit any sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers, or important login credentials using public WiFi 
  • Ensure that apps you are using have end-to-end encryption.
  • When using Wi-Fi, even if password protected, best to only connect to websites that use HTTPS encryption. Ensure that you are connected via HTTPS - your browser must show a little lock in the address bar which says "secure".
  • Make use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection, but ensure you get this from a reliable supplier.